CroStone is the leading name on the Croatian market of decorative stone wall coverings. For more than a decade, CroStone has shown an undeniable passion for creating authentic products that elevate quality and enhance design. Reliability is at the heart of our company’s philosophy. When you look at the CroStone decorative stone it looks authentic, natural and above all, beautiful.

CroStone paints are unsurpassed in the decorative stone industry. Each stone and brick is literally hand-painted piece by piece by highly trained craftsmen.

We use only the highest quality natural mineral oxides to fill the surface with rich, authentic tones.

When you take a closer look at CroStone stone you will see incomparable depth and color variations: hints of rust, mossy greenery, reddish-brown, brown and gold patterns.

Decorative stone wall CroStone
Decorative stone CroStone

Each piece of CroStone stone is made from a special mold of real natural stone.

Our designers sort tons of stone, piece by piece, choosing only those that complement each other and have the right shape, texture, size and details.

Our state-of-the-art mold production plant can capture every textual detail down to the smallest detail. Our decorative wall coverings can be placed on the outside and inside of your family or work space. CroStone decorative stone is made of natural materials, is non-flammable and resistant to weather conditions.